We are taking COVID-19 seriously

We are just doing what everyone else is doing…stocking up on T.P. and washing our hands  😉

Kidding aside, we are taking COVID-19 very seriously and wanted to share what we are doing to keep our guests, our home, and staff as safe.

First,  we are limiting the number of rooms available to ensure distancing. At the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast, we are taking the extra steps to disinfect all surfaces using a bleach solution:

  •  door knobs,
  • light switches,
  • faucets, sink, tubs, toilets
  • blinds,
  • alarm clocks,
  • TV’s, DVD players, movies and remotes in every room.

Rooms are stripped after every check out and aired out.

  • Replacing mattress pad, pillow covers and shower curtains, robes and sheets with clean disinfected laundry.
  • Rooms are disinfected and cleaned prior to clean linens, towels and essentials are brought into the room.
  • Ultraviolet lights are used for the final disinfectant
  • Extra blankets are bagged and sealed
  • Occupied guest room are cleaned upon request. if a guest request we do not enter during their stay we honor that request.

All employees wear a different set of gloves for each room they clean.

Common area door knobs and light switches are disinfected several times a day as well as handrails, outside seating areas. We work diligently  to make sure every surface is disinfected. We have installed disinfecting hand wipes at the main entrances. We have disposable gloves located around the B&B for guests to pop on when touching different surface in the B&B (coffee pot, water coolers, whatever.)

We are delivering breakfast in room, in separate dining rooms or on the front porch (weather permitting).

The kitchen is now off limits to guests. The kitchen is disinfected before we start our food prep and after breakfast during cleanup and as necessarily during the day. Dishes run on sanitizing cycle of the dishwasher.

Randy and I have worked very hard to always provide and clean and comfortable environment for our guests. Clean has always been a priority on our property, but we are taking extra steps for the well-being and safety of our guests and staff.  As a small property these measures are easy to accomplish daily because we care and this is a home!!

All of our employees are long term, with 6 years the shortest duration of employment, therefore they care more and are more diligent in their work than large hotel chain employees.

If we can answer any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us 719-685-1277

Remember a small property if safer and cleaner than larger hotel chain hotel because this is our home. WE are open and operating!

We are small. We are clean. We care!

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