Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, CO

A person's silhouette in front of a star-filled sky.Looking for an affordable way to spend some time in Colorado Springs? Yearning to learn new things and feed your inner scientist? The Space Foundation Discovery Center is all those things and more! At just a few miles from our Inn in Manitou Springs, it’s the perfect activity to enjoy deeply for a few hours or squeeze in between other adventures in the area.


The Space Foundation Discovery Center has exhibits that appeal to all ages. First, check out the El Pomar Space Gallery, which offers various exhibits that focus on space travel, the moon landing, current space exploration, and international scientist collaborations, among others. The area puts a fun spotlight on what it’s like to be an astronaut with displays showing space food, space suits, and the Scott Carpenter Station that simulates the isolation of space.

The Lockheed Martin Space Education Center is where you are given the opportunity to use the same visualization and modeling software that astronauts use. The Mars Robotics Laboratory offers the opportunity to program your own rover to traverse a simulated Martian terrain and complete challenges that real scientists might have in their quest to study Mars. (You’ll want to make an appointment for the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center, as it is available for group learning, rather than walk-in experiences.)

The Northrop Grumman Science Center offers “Science on a Sphere” which is a projection system that uses numerous data sets to create a 3D projection of the earth and solar system. The visualizations can showcase the sun, planets & their moons, oceanic patterns, tectonic activity, and even air traffic patterns.


Not only does the Space Foundation Discovery Center offer fascinating exhibits and learning opportunities, but they also host unique events that target specific topics. On February 7, 2020, they will be hosting “Pluto Appreciation Night” for their passport members in honor of the 90th anniversary of the discovery of Pluto. Later in February, they will also host an 18+ experience called “Space After Dark Featuring Science Riot” which will feature scientists-turned-comedians sharing the more humorous sides of their line of work. Food trucks and a cash bar make this a perfect night out for science enthusiasts!

Make it a Remarkable Experience

The Space Foundation Discovery Center is just a short drive from the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast. It’s also near Glen Eyrie, so it’d be a great way to combine a couple of smaller outings into one. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at Ute Valley Park or stop by Eim Thai or Roman Villa Pizza for a quick bite between outings. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to stay at the Avenue Hotel Bed & Breakfast for our luxury accommodations, gourmet breakfasts, and close proximity to all the best attractions in Manitou Springs and beyond.

An outdoor view of the Avenue Hotel Bed & Breakfast in the evening.

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