5 Must-See Waterfall Hikes Near Manitou Springs

It’s no secret that Colorado has world-class hiking trails. Folks from all over the globe visit Colorado for a taste of the exquisite Rocky Mountains. We love to host fellow adventurers as they conquer the outdoor feats of their choice. Give these trails a try for majestic waterfall views that range from easy to moderate in difficulty.Woman sitting on a mountain overlook under a grey, cloudy sky.

  • Seven Bridges Trail–This trail is the crown jewel of North Cheyenne Cañon Park. It’s a moderately difficult trail that gains roughly 1,000 feet in elevation over the course of 3.7 miles. The bridges along these trails are a delight, as is the sweet sound of rushing water that accompanies your journey.
  • St. Mary’s Falls Trail–This is another trail near Seven Bridges that will have you working for the scenic views. Rated as moderate, this trail gains 1,400 feet and is 6.3 miles long. It’s worth it when you make it to the top of the falls though!
  • Helen Hunt Falls Trail–Families and folks with mobility issues will find this one to be a great choice. It’s quite short (.1 mile!), and the falls can even be seen from the road. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty!
  • Lower Columbine Trail–This is an easy trail that gives you great views for minimal effort. It’s especially nice because it’s less trafficked than the other more popular trails. At a 300-foot elevation gain over 2.2 miles, you’ll still have energy left over for more adventures in your day.
  • Loud’s Cabin–History buffs will appreciate this one. It’s an add-on to Seven Bridges Trail that covers 6.2 miles (total including Seven Bridges) and gains about 1800 feet in elevation. Follow the path through an aspen grove before reaching the historic Loud’s Cabin, a summer house of Frank Herbert Loud, a local college professor who built the cabin for his wife in 1885. (This hike does not have additional waterfalls that aren’t found in the Seven Bridges Trail, but it does have some really great views of the city and interpretive signs to add context to the beautiful scenery.)

A long waterfall cutting through a rocky ravine. A hiking path follows along the water.As with any hiking, make sure you pack snacks, water, a map, and anything else you may need in case the unexpected happens. Be particularly careful about bringing enough water and sunscreen, as the elevation in Colorado can dehydrate you quickly, and the sun is more intense, regardless of the season. And lastly, we recommend hiking first thing in the morning so that you are back down from the higher elevations before any afternoon storms roll in.

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