Best Colorado Springs Whitewater River Rafting Adventure Awaits

Have you ever experienced rafting the river rapids? Or are you a rapids addict looking to satisfy your thirst for more? You will find plenty of opportunities to experience the thrill and beauty of whitewater river rafting, no matter your budget, skill level, or personal preference. Be sure to book your stay at the Avenue Hotel Bed & Breakfast for your overnight accommodations. Our perfect location in historic downtown Manitou Springs puts you close to the river action and to Colorado’s history and beauty, with plenty to see and do.

Which Rapids Class Should I Choose?

• Class I Rapids – Calm, moving water with small waves that tug at the boat.
• Class II Rapids – Easy rapids with waves up to 3’ tall and wide channels. The raft will rock and roll a bit and requires some maneuvering.
• Class III Rapids – More exciting rapids with waves up to 4’ tall and narrow passages that cause water to gush over the sides of the raft.
• Class IV Rapids – Long, difficult, and exciting rapids with narrow channels and turbulent water that requires skillful and precise maneuvering.
• Class V Rapids – Same as Class IV and more, such as long, complex, and gushing adventurous rapids with narrow channels and planet of twisting and spinning.
• Class VI Rapids – For rafting experts only with “un-runnable” rivers or waterfalls. Outfitter raft trips do not go here.

What Are My Rafting Trip Options?

Scenic Floats – Designed for the young and old alike, scenic floats allow rafters to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Colorado river life. You will see truly breathtaking views of the mountains, river banks, fauna, and flora flanking the river. You may also see wildlife, such as river trout, bald eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, and ospreys. If you’re lucky, you could see some bighorn elk, bears, or mountain lions. The latter three aren’t common but nor are they impossible. The closer to dawn or dusk the better your chances. While rafting down the river, you will hear the sounds of rippling water, jumping fish, scurrying small animals, a variety of birds, and plenty of oohs and aahs from fellow rafters. Scenic floats will encounter occasional Class II or III rapids but are mostly smooth sailing. The entire experience is just as exhilarating as a more adventurous rafting trip, just in more subtle ways.

Adventure Rafting – If you prefer a more adventurous, adrenaline-pumping rafting experience, then you’ll want to opt for an adventure rafting trip which includes Class III – V rapids. Even if you’ve never rafted before, as long as you’re in good physical condition with strong swimming skills, then you’ll love this thrilling option. Outfitters will commonly offer packages to include other adventurous sports, such as ziplining and mountain biking.

What Are My Outfitter Options?

Echo Canyon – Located near the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Echo Canyon offers a variety of guided rafting options from gentle Family Floats to thrilling Royal Gorge Rafting Trips and even overnight trips at the Echo Canyon Campground. Rafting packages are also available, such as Raft-N-Rail, which includes a train ride through breathtaking scenery of the Royal Gorge, and Raft-N-Zipline, which offers a two-hour zipline tour with your rafting experience. There are more rafting packages, so be sure to check them out.

Several people in a raft floating through the river rapids in Colorado

Whitewater Adventure Outfitters – Also located near the Gorge in Canon City, Whitewater Adventure Outfitters offer a plethora of adventures to choose from, such as the Half-Day Royal Gorge Rafting Trip, one of their most popular, with class III – V thrills. Their Full Day Bighorn Sheep Canyon Rafting Trip highlights the beauty of the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River” so rafters are encouraged to bring their waterproof cameras. Your chances of capturing a Bighorn Sheep are really good as this area is home to Colorado’s larges herd. After stopping for a riverside lunch, you will experience several class II & III rapids in the afternoon. The Browns Canyon Full Day trip is considered to be the most popular rafting trip in both Colorado and the United States. But be careful. If this is your first rafting trip, it most likely will NOT be your last, to which many whitewater addicts can testify. Visit Whitewater Adventure Outfitters for a full list of trips, including overnight options, and rafting combo packages.

Raft Masters – One of the longest, continuous rafting businesses in the area, Raft Masters has been offering safe and fun whitewater experiences since 1989. Located on East Main St. in Canon City, their convenient location, competitive prices and professional rafting experiences make them a company to consider. Their most popular Bighorn Sheep Canyon Half Day Trip takes you nine miles down the Arkansas River through splashy rapids like Five Points, Spike Buck, and Cowgirl Up. Choose between the morning or afternoon sessions. Raft Masters also offers half-day, full-day, and overnight trips, including a 2-Day Multi Day Trip where you will camp overnight and enjoy two days of Class II and III rapids and delicious meals. Check out their specials and combo packages as well.

After a day on the rapids, you will be so glad you reserved your room at Avenue Hotel Bed & Breakfast! Our spacious and comfortable accommodations, modern amenities, and scrumptious breakfasts will have you rejuvenated in no time. Contact us with any questions so we can help make your stay a wonderfully memorable one!

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