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The Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast is nestled perfectly in an outdoor hiking  mecca near Colorado Springs. We are on the border of the Pike National Forest! The days are warmer and longer with the leaves bright and green! It is time to get outside! We sit among the foothills surrounded by hiking options
The Intemann Trail is an urban-access trail that goes along Red Mountain and Iron Mountain. First envisioned by Paul Intemann and carried out by friends and admires after his death, the Intemann Trail is considered an easy hike that brings you to Red Mountain Trail and breath taking views of Manitou Springs and its surrounding areas. You can start a section of this trail by hiking up Pawnee Avenue  from the bed and breakfast.
The Incline is one of the most infamous hiking trails and fitness challenges in all of Colorado. It was a cable car that carried supplies to build a pipeline on Pikes Peak. When the pipeline was finished it was turned into a tourist attraction taking folks up to enjoy a spectacular view of Colorado Springs. In 1990 a rock slide took out part of the track so the cable car no longer ran.  In 2013 in was made legal to hike. The result is on of the most difficult hikes in Colorado, a  hike up 2,744 stairs that gains almost 2,000 feet in elevation in less than one mile. Located one mile from the B&B, the free shuttle will take you from downtown to the trail head.
Williams Canyon, just north of downtown Manitou Springs, happens to be one to the favorite hikes in the area. It does not get the same publicity but it has some of the prettiest scenery hiking in the canyon with tall limestone walls, waterfalls and great views. This hike is considered a moderate and is 6 miles there and back. It is recommended that you sign a waiver at Cave of the Winds before hiking the canyon.
Rainbow Falls Historic Site is one of our favorites here at the Avenue. Just a few blocks away on the west end of town. If you want to take a  short walk, get out to stretch your legs, this a good one! The walk  into a to see a beautiful waterfall is only a 1/2 mile , a unique part of Manitou.  The site features an historic bridge, with an open- aching concrete structural design, built in 1932 by CDOT.
Garden of the Gods is world famous for its beauty .  It has 15 miles of hiking trails in the park. They have numerous programs all year long. To add to the splendor of the park, there was a dinosaur fossil discovered in the park that is the only one of its kind! The park is open 5 am to 10 pm in the summer and the Visitor and Nature Center is open 8 am to 7pm. Both are free and open to the public

One of the biggest draws to the area is Pikes Peak. After first being recorded by Zebulon Pike on his 1806-1807 expedition, Pikes Peak has become one of the most visited mountains in the world. The Barr trail starts in Manitou Springs and ends at the summit of Pikes Peak, a rugged 13 miles of trails. Here’s what you whit capped mountain with large red rock in the fore groundneed to know to hike Pikes Peak.

Just a few recommendations:
  • Make sure to take plenty of water with you. This is one of those things that every travel anything has stated a million times but you never realize how bad you need it until it is too late, especially if you are coming from lower altitude.
  • Take a map with you. You might not be a map person but it’s always helpful.
  • Sunscreen is a must! Higher altitude means worse burns. This is not the way you want to spend your vacation.
  • Food is important. Luckily here at the Avenue Hotel we provide you with a wonderful breakfast. If you want to get up early and go on your adventure before breakfast is served we have a “Grab and Go” option available. Just let Gwenn know the night before and she will have it ready for you in the morning.
  • Remember staying here means you are in the mountains so there are all shapes and sizes of critters. Most of the time they are more afraid of you than you are of them but it always helps to carry a whistle or something. (Remember if you run into a bear to make yourself look as big as you can and make as much noise as possible. Most of the time they like to watch and follow you so just be aware of your surroundings.)
  • Beware of the heat. Early in the mornings and in the evenings before dark are some of the best times to go.
  • Make sure to treat yourself afterwards. You are on a vacation after all and nothing feels better then just relaxing. We have a hot tub out back and massages available upon request. (These do need to be reserved, so let us know and we will do the best we can.)
Here at the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast we understand outdoor enthusiasts because we like to go out and play in the outdoors ourselves. We have numerous guests that start their trips from our front door because we are so close to many of the big attractions. We will help to make your experience as wonderful as possible.

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