Hosting Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon Runners

The Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast at the foot of Pikes Peak is excited to be hosting 11 runners in this year’s Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon! Every year we look forward to cheering on the amazing runners of this race. What we love most is witnessing the mass

Pikes Peak marathon start

Pikes Peak marathon start

start of runners that glide past the front of our very own B&B. It’s an inspiring way to start your day, to say the least. We are up at 4:30am in the morning with the runners. Our goal is to ensure they have they need before they head to the starting line. Each runner is different, and we try to accommodate their needs, whether that’s boiled eggs, peanut butter on toast, fresh fruit or a glass of juice. It’s game day for them and we want to make sure they are ready for their big day. Once the runners are off to conquer Pikes Peak, we get a chance to meet their biggest fans, their supporters and spouses that have traveled with them for the weekend. Serving up a full breakfast we get them out the door and ready to cheer on their runner at the finish line.



The city of Manitou Springs and the surrounding area are counting down the days until the Pikes Peak Ascent Marathon on August 20th and 21st.  This racing event begins at the base of Pikes Peak, in our very own town! Runners climb over 7,815 feet to summit the 14,115-foot mountain. Due to the hazards and difficulty of this race, only 800 runners can complete in the race to the top of Pikes Peak and back. For over 50 years, runners from all over the country and world meet at the base of America’s Mountain to complete in this race. Runners, supporters, and spectators can anticipate a 13.3-mile ascent on Saturday, followed by the round-trip marathon on Sunday.

From all of us at the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast, we wish all the runners a swift assent and descent. Hats off to you, the diligent work you have put in, the training you’ve endured, and mental toughness you possess to compete in this challenge.

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