Hiking in Manitou Springs, Colorado: Barr Trail



Barr Trail is one of the most popular trails in Colorado, especially in Manitou Springs. Why? Because it takes you through some of the most beautiful Colorado country and to the top of Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain!

It is 11.8 miles and it goes up 7,900 vertical feet.

The elevation at the summit is 14,115 feet.

There is an average grade of 11% which might not sound like a lot but it’s still uphill for 11.8 miles plus a huge elevation increase. It definitely takes a lot of endurance.

The trail head is at Ruxton and Hydro.


For more information on the trail click here.

We have had many guests start their hike right from our front door, the  Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast, since it’s only about 1 mile from the trail head. There is paid parking up at the trail head but we recommend staying parked at the Avenue and taking the free shuttle up.

A lot of people love coming back and soaking in the hot tub and getting a massage from one of our licensed therapists. It’s perfect after a day or two of mountain climbing and camping to relieve all of those aches and pains.

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