Decorations for a Victorian Christmas at the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast

The  Victorian style of the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast inn lends itself to be generously decorated for the holiday season.  There is such a cozy feeling when everything looks more beautiful than ever with all the extra lights glowing and the fireplace warming and cookies baking...  

Here are some of the things we have done for the holiday season.. (click on the pictures for better viewing)

The fireplace garland hangs with giant pine cone ornaments, gold ribbon and glittered picks; a wreath sits atop the deer head mounted above the fireplace.

Christmas sleigh sits in the bay window with a handmade Santa and Mrs. Claus.


The 6 foot snowman Randy and I made.  He is a joy in the entry greeting guests
Library parlor tree with a magnificent tree topper.  
Our staircase goes up the middle of the house.I t is spectacular with all the garland, bows and ornaments
The mirror is surrounded with garland then loaded                                                                   with ornaments and snowflakes. Santa with silver trees and large                                                                   white decorative ornaments sits on the table under the mirror.
The second level hall tree                                             

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