Red Rocks

Coming to the Pikes Peak region to hike? Looking for something different? Red Rock Canyon Open Space consists of 789 acres of land located on the eastern edge of Manitou Springs.  A series of hogbacks expose layers of sedimentary rock that have been turned upward at the base of Pikes Peak. Canyons run between the hogbacks and provide shelter for a variety of plants and wildlife, while the rocks of the hogbacks form colorful backdrops of salmon, gold and other shades.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is only a 1.5 miles from the Avenue Hotel and is one of the fabulous hikes we recommend for those guests staying with us. It is built for all difficulties and experience levels. It is one of the many outdoor reasons to come stay with us this summer.

  • Directions
  • The main entrance to Red Rock Canyon is reached from U.S. 24 by turning south at Ridge Road which is between the 31st Street traffic light and the Manitou Springs exit.

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