Easter, a Special Breakfast


Looking for eggactly that special Easter breakfast?  As a Manitou Springs bed and breakfast the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast, an historic lodging accommodation near Colorado Springs, will be serving up a delight for your senses. Enjoy a leisure morning of great food and lively conversation after a wonderful night in one of our lovely rooms. Coffee, from the Colorado Coffee Merchants, starts early, you wake to the blissful aroma of freshly brewing coffee as it wafts into the senses. A fresh pastry will be hand twisted that morning and baked, a Maple Walnut Cinnamon Twist. , the inn fills with wonderful smells of the fresh foods being prepared for your enjoyment.  As breakfast is served, sip a complimentary Mimosa. A fresh fruit parfait with an Amaretto fruit dip is will served first along with the pastry. The main entree an  Eggs Benedict Casserole,  a homemade English muffin spread with spicy mustard, ham, Swiss cheese soaked over night in eggs and cream then baked in the morning and topped with Gwenn’s hollandaise sauce with fresh Asparagus and a big luscious Chocolate covered Strawberries to finish.  An Easter egg  hunt starts our morning just for fun.

Maple Nut Twists, a handmade pastry
Lemon Poppy-seed Bread
Fresh Fruit Parfait with Amaretto pudding
Eggs Benedict Casserole
Chocolate covered Strawberries


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