8 days to go!

Guests at the historic Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast, a Colorado Springs lodging accommodation, in Manitou Springs are always welcomed to coffee, hot chocolate or tea. The coffee starts brewing about 6 am for those early risers. We use a locally roasted coffee from Colorado Coffee Merchants, our coffee is “Cabin”.
Elfie always enjoys his morning cup of coffee. That’s how he manages to get so much stuff done! Just image drinking a cup of coffee that’s bigger than you!
Don’t forget! For those coffee lovers out there, here at the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast we have the “Coffee Lovers’ Choice” Package!

Just can’t get enough of your favorite brew? Let us treat you to a local roaster’s premium coffee, “Cabin” our favorite by Colorado Coffee Merchants. Settle into the comfort of the room of your choice as the blissful aroma of freshly brewing coffee wafts into the senses. Special treats served with your coffee embellished with Bailey or Kahlua enhance a relaxing afternoon break enjoyed in the cozy library or catered to your room  $195.00

  •   Room of your choice, not including room tax
  •   Fresh brewed pot of “Cabin” along with Bailey or Kahlua
  •   Tray of  Gwenn’s homemade treats
  •   12oz. package of Colorado Coffee Merchant’s premium coffee “Cabin”
  •   Two Avenue Hotel hand-thrown Deneen Pottery mugs

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