Manitou Springs Ice Cream Social and Pie Baking Contest

An ice cream social is held every year by Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce. The Little London Winds ensemble plays in Soda Springs park. The highlight of the event is of course the pie baking contest. This is the second year the Avenue Hotel has entered a homemade pie. This year stepping outside the box a Cranberry Chocolate Nut pie was submitted on July 12, 2010.

The morning was spent finishing up breakfast and checking out guests anxious to start the loving labor of creating the pie crust. A good pie must have a good crust. Grandmothers cookbook, “Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book” published in 1946, provides the recipe for the crust. Slowly and methodically the crust is created, fluted and covered to rest in the refrigerator to chill making for a flakier crust. The ingredients are lingered over, measured out will diligent accuracy, combined in the correct order then hand poured into the chilled crust. Popped into a pre-heated 350 degree oven and hovered over for 65 minutes to the end for browned beautiful and baked Cranberry Chocolate Nut pie.

The passion is in the creation. The pie was delicious!

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