Table Talk witn Teresa Farney

Well, I had never been on a talk show before and was very excited to have been asked by the long time Gazette food critic Teresa Farney. “Tie One On” a multi-venue Manitou Springs event being held June 13, perked her interest. This event begins with a book signing at Black Cat Books with Ellynanne Geisel, an apron archeologist. safron will discuss the care and repair of aprons and vintage linens with a display of vintage aprons and linens for sale. Brunch at the Avenue Hotel B&B. Tickets are available at all three locations.
OOOps, back to the radio show Table Talk. Teresa Farney suggested food samples. I thoughtfully prepared my menu using recipes prepared by my Aunts,Grandmother and my Mom. I was inspired to use old family recipes by the thoughts of my mom in her aprons. I wear an apron every day hand made by Susan Feldman. I spent most of the night before the show fixing food. Fruit soup yum, Aunt Dorthy’s croissant sandwich, a lovely strawberry feta salad, and oatmeal cake for desert. I was nervous all morning thinking of all the things I needed to have with me for the show. I prepared my dishes all set on my fine china and glassware. I totted my food into the show and meet my fellow guests.Teresa Farney was fun to work with, I enjoyed meeting Jake from Jake and Tellies in Old Colorado City, Martine Purdy of chevy lee raw foods joined us as well the the owner of the Curry Leaf. I was the first guest and had to explain the event and show off my food. Ienjoyed the experience!

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